Yana Gupta Gives Her Panties A Miss!

By Geetha
Thursday, November 25th, 2010 10:30 am

November 25, 2010 : Talk of wardrobe malfunction and here we have a woman, a celebrity in India, who decided to leave out her wardrobe only. Thus, there is no question of any wardrobe malfunction! Cameras caught Yana Gupta wearing nothing, yes absolutely “NOTHING”, under her short dress, exposing her private parts for one and all at a charity event recently.

When questioned, the Bollywood actress says that she just thought about giving a miss to her panties as she was uncomfortable wearing them while she was rehearsing for a television show. While many may think this is a big bluff, we have another question for the lady. Did she go for the practice deciding that she’ll not wear panties for the whole day, and thus not carry one either? It seems our question will be answered in the affirmative.

However, for now, Yana is not the least embarrassed or put down. She has been laughing off the entire episode as funny. She says she’s planned to get a brand endorsement out of the whole episode. And harping on the same funny tune, she has mentioned that she will ask people to wear panties now on, as she herself has started wearing one.

Well Yana, we are not sure that how many people we know who wear short dresses and go for charity functions or other public events without panties to begin with. So best of luck for your endorsement!

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