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Bollywood this week – 22nd June 2007

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Hope all of you are doing splendidly well. Yes, it has not been too long since we last met, but you know how it is – one week in normal life is the same as a century in Bollywood land! These celebrities of ours are up to so much that it takes eons to be completely up-to-date with all they do. Besides, starlets and wannabes are pouring into tinsel town at the same rate as drops from the heaven in a downpour. But still, we see to it that you are fully informed of all the important, uh, developments that take place, while weeding out the unimportant and trashy stuff. Besides, don’t you think it is adorable that our film people go to such lengths to bring a smile to our faces?

John and Bipasha Split

Well, coming down to business, we HAVE to talk about Bipasha. “To be single or not be single – that is the question” is what must be going through her mind right now. She has been hitched together with everyone from long time ex Dino Morea to new single man – Saif Ali Khan. Everyone is going in a frenzy talking about the alleged break up between John and Bipasha and are not even giving the poor guy a chance. Well, latest word is that John is blaming certain “mischief makers” who are trying to ruin his amazing life and he is promising that if they cause any damage, he will personally take them to task. Well, they better watch out because no one in their right minds would want to get on the wrong side of this hunk.

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Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikant

IIFA has made such a big splash – what with the publicity and Yorkshire and the special performances, but is it not enough already? We mean come on! How much do you want to promote your event? So this one is for all those who think the same thing and are tired of seeing IIFA where ever they go. It is a very less publicized fact that IIFA had plans to rope in south super star Rajnikant by presenting him with a very special award. But sadly for them, the great man, who generally shuns awards, had to refuse, citing that he is completely tied down with the release of his new film – Sivaji. Well, we cheer for him as it is not everyday that Amitabh Bachchan – the ambassador for IIFA gets turned down.

Asha Bhonsle at the release of her album - Asha with friends

Now one might be led to think that our actors are not paid well enough as they are looking for alternate vocations all the time. Singing seems to be a popular option. Amitabh proved this with Aby Baby and god! We hope that does not happen again. But looks like we are in for a second round of it with Asha Bhonsle’s new album titled “Asha with Friends.” Apparently, she has a lot of celebrities jamming with her for this one. Can you believe she even managed to get some action out of Brett Lee’s vocal chords?! She must be one persuasive woman. Anyway, the latest star to get roped in is none other than our own disco dancer – Mithun da. We sure hope that he can sing as well as he can dance…

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Irrfan Khan performing item-boy in Teesri Manzil

Talking about alternate careers, looks like Irrfan Khan is trying the item girl’s route, sorry, item boy’s route to success. Known for always experimenting with roles, this time he actually does an item song for his latest flick Teesri Manzil. Navneet Baj Saini, the director of the film can’t stop saying how his film is different as it portrays all the actors in roles that are removed from their usual styles. Well, Sabina Khan is in for a really great time doing this one. Stop it! bet you are thinking about Irrfan in a reveling outfit gyrating to disco beats…can’t say it does not work for his profile as a comic actor though…

Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee

Did you think this was all? No way! We were actually saving the best for the last as this last one is going to blow your minds away. Did you catch KANK? Well, though it was not a bad film, a lot of the aam janta did not see it or like it because of the “other woman” thing. Rani should have really taken a clue from that, but this bong chick has turned a blind eye to it as now she actually went and did it. Aditya Chopra recently left his wife to be with Rani Mukherjee and just to show that this is not a casual affair, the pair actually got engaged yesterday! Does that sound surreal or what? They got engaged secretly without any celebration at Aditya’s mansion in Juhu. Well, dad Yash Chopra is not very happy about these developments. Shows that it does not matter how broad minded you are in your films, when it is a matter of your own life, everyone is closed minded.

In fact, both father and son have not been on talking terms with the latest developments and Aditya does not even live with them anymore. Now what needs to be seen is whether they allow this to affect the business because that could mean serious repercussions. The Chopra Empire is worth more than 1000 crores and if the son leaves, this will affect it very badly. Also, at 29, what will Aditya do without his dad’s very useful name? Coming back to Rani, well, this is so not going to go down well with her fans as no one in India likes this sort of a thing and she has always been looked upon as cultured. But knowing Bollywood, this will be the talk of town for a couple of days and then things will pretty much settle down, like they have in the past.

Ok…we can see that we have thrown more at you than you can digest and so we will wrap it up here for the day. We don’t want you to call in sick because of indigestion. So kick back and relax. We will see you soon with more great news from our Mumbai nagaria’s greatest reality show -Bollywood.

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