Manisha Koirala at Proud to be Indian Campaign .Delhi: As India celebrates its 70th Independence Day, Select CITYWALK has taken the celebration a notch higher than the previous ones with announcement of the ‘Proud to be Indian’ campaign with Manisha Koirala. The shopping destination is asking its shoppers to come to the centre and scan their finger print to show that they are proud to be an Indian and aspire to be the future of this country.

Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala at Proud to be Indian CampaignManisha Koirala at Proud to be Indian CampaignManisha Koirala at Proud to be Indian Campaign

The fest will take place from the 6th – 15th August 2016, will also witness a spectacular 12 feet photo op that would highlight the core message. A live screen will be displayed alongside the photo op that will keep the count of people registered. The campaign is already creating quite a buzz on social media.
‘Proud to be Indian’ campaign is a virtue of the pride associated with the day when India officially got freedom from foreign rule and took steps towards creating the biggest democracy in the world. Through this campaign the mall aspires to ignite the passion of patriotism that binds the people of this country together and urges them to come together for this to make a self-promise to be the change this country needs.

1. Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala also took part in the campaign and imprinted her finger print. Commenting on her participation, the actress said that though she originally belongs to Nepal, it is the Indian entertainment industry that has enabled her to attain this stardom. “Despite of not being from Indian origin, I feel deeply attached to this country and by taking part in this campaign I would want to extend my gratitude to India.”

2. ‘They toiled “TYRE-lessly” for our freedom, an installation by the Art Khafism group. Talking about the same, the artists unfold, “In this installation, 100 tyres have been used together which depict unison, harmony and progress on our journey through the years gone, and years to come. The three sides of the of the pyramid depict our freedom struggle by our freedom fighters, and how that freedom is guarded by the soldiers of our army, navy and air force at all hours. Our freedom was obtained after a lot of bloodshed and sacrifices by brave Indians- let’s value it!

We salute the freedom fighters and our soldiers, their patriotism and their devotion towards the motherland!”