Poonam Soni the celebrated jewelry designer hosted her birthday bash during the weekend at the Olive Bar & Kitchen. All her close friends turned up for the brunch which turned out to be a fun filled, cheery affair with lavish food flowing cocktails and music, as Soni’s friends Sharon Prabhakar and Suchitra pillai sang some impromptu numbers. Poonam cut the chocolate cake with her November born Scorpion friends,Raveena Tandon Thadani, Nandita Om Puri besides her daughter Kriti Soni Bhatia. Seen enjoying the afternoon were Laxman Shreshtha, Anita Raaj, Penaz Masani,Rajyalaxmi Papparao, Raell Padamsee,Amy Billimoria, Sabira Merchant,Pervez Damania Kiran Ramesh Sippy, Arti Sundernath, Deepti Bhatnagar and Abha Singh.

Aarti Surendranath

aarti and kailash surendranath at Poonam Sonikailash and arrti surendranath at Poonam Soni

Amy Billimoria

Amy billimoria at Poonam Soni

Deepti Bhatnagar

dipti bhatnagar with husband at Poonam Soni

Kiran Juneja

kiron joneja and ramesh sippy at Poonam Soni

Raveena Tandon

kiron joneja, raveena tandon and poonam soni at Poonam Sonipoonam soni with raveena tandon at Poonam Sonikriti soni, nandita puri, raveena, poonam soni and deepti bhatnagar at Poonam Soniraveena tandon, poonam soni and abha singh at Poonam Sonipoonam soni, rashmi shetty and raveena tandon at Poonam Soni

Sharon Prabhakar

sharon prabhakar at Poonam Sonisharon prabhakar with raell padamsee at Poonam Soni

Raell Padamsee

rael padamsee at Poonam Sonisharon prabhakar, priyanka thakur and rael padamsee at Poonam Soni

Ramesh Sippy

ramesh sippy with kiron joneja at Poonam Soni

Nandita Puri

nandita puri with son ishaan at Poonam Soninandita puri, zeba kohli, kiron joneja and raj;laxmi rao at Poonam Sonipoonam soni, dipti bhatnagar and nandita puri at Poonam Soni

Peenaz Masani

peenaz masani at Poonam Sonishweta shetty with penaz masani at Poonam Soni

Party Events

sunita and prem kishan maalhotra at Poonam Sonishweta shetty at Poonam SoniSabera merchant at Poonam Sonirajesh and zeba kohli at Poonam Sonikriti soni at Poonam Sonilaxman shresta with wife sunita at Poonam Sonirajesh kohli with kailash surendranath at Poonam Sonirajlaxmi rao and abha singh at Poonam Soniat Poonam Soniashok thakeria at Poonam Sonidr rashmi shetty, rael padamsee, rajlami rao and nandita puri at Poonam Soni

Suchitra Pillai

suchitra pillai at Poonam Sonisuchitra and sharon candid as they sing for poonam at Poonam Soni

Parvez Damania

roshni and pervez damania at Poonam Sonipervez damania at Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni

poonam soni with raveena tandon at Poonam SoniPoonam SoniPoonam SoniPoonam Sonikriti and poonam soni at Poonam Sonipoonam soni, rashmi shetty and raveena tandon at Poonam SoniPoonam SoniPoonam Soni