Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost, HSNC University felicitates Rajyogini BrahmaKumari Nalini Didi ji on being conferred Doctorate Degree

    Rajyogini Brahmakumari Nalini Didi was felicitated by HSNC University, Mumbai  on being conferred “Doctor of Letters (D.Litt)” by The University of Central America for her selfless services to humanity.

    The felicitation was done by Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost, HSNC University, Mumbai.

    Expressing his excitement and joy on such an auspicious occasion, the Co-founder and MD Hiranandani Group, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani  said, “We’re privileged to felicitate Brahmakumari Nalini Didi, who has been honoured with D.Litt from the Central American University. It is such a pleasurable moment that someone who is so wise, spiritual, philanthropist, is among with us today. During pandemic so many were un-employed, depressed, became homeless, and she uplifted so many with her good work and today we have honoured and acknowledged her good deeds in our college, it has been a moment of absolute joy and pleasure for us all”

    Rajyogini Brahmakumari Nalini Didi joined the organization at a tender age and has dedicated her entire life for the well-being of humanity. At 80, she has the enthusiasm of a child!!

    Talking about her journey, Nalini Didi ji said, “Love gave me unprecedented power. I never thought I will be able to lead life of celibacy, I had all sorts of interests in life, with arts and other creational activities, but, I found myself loving the almighty more than anything else. With that love I moved forward in life. Love taught me true meaning of dedication and sacrifice”

    Parting with some humble and humane advice for the audience, Nalini Didi ji said, “Only thing I can tell the young people or everyone else, if you want success in life, be it career, life, relationship or any other area, you have to put your ego aside and seek help from almighty. Be humble, put your ego aside and be assured that, with Lord by your side, you are going to shine like the sun”