I am changing the way rap songs are made and accepted in India – Rishikesh Pandey

    Rishikesh Pandey who recently worked on ‘Jai Jai Madhya Pradesh’ Song says he is working on changing the way rap songs are made and accepted in India.

    Music director Rishikesh Pandey who turned rapper for the ‘Swatch Bharat campaign’ interacted with media on Friday.

    When asked what makes his social songs as successful as bollywood songs he said, “Usually when you look at songs that feature social messages they are bland but I added melodies to them. If you listen to by first song ‘Ho Halla’ or any of my recent songs they all are just like feature film songs. People listen to the songs because of the tunes in them. Also the lyrics I use are very basic so that people can recall them easily. This is why my social songs get good response. I am happy to see that people are listening and appreciating social songs now.

    And the biggest thing is that actually rap songs are about presenting a topic or an issue and not about alcohol and girls like they are made nowadays in Bollywood. So that’s what I am doing, changing the way rap songs are made and accepted in India.”

    Rishikesh’s recent reaction ‘Jai Jai Madhya Pradesh’ was launched by 14th Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23rd June in Indore.

    Asked if he will be seen working on any bollywood projects soon he said, “I wasn’t planning on rapping in my first song but when I didn’t find any support from others I decided to do it. I found the confidence to do it after the success of my first song I thought I could actually rap. Now I have always worked on a few film projects which you will soon be able to listen October onwards.”

    “I have worked with Mohit Chauhan for a song titled, ‘Kisan’ and on another with Shankar Mahadevan. you will find out more about it soon.” he added.

    Pandey so far has targeted many issues like girl child education, women empowerment through the song ‘School Chale Hum’ and ‘Vanar Sena’ based on the major social issue of Open Defecation.

    Rishikesh’s production house ‘Hribom’ is also venturing into NGO activities to support and help grow the Swach Bharat campaign. ‘Hribom’ aims to reach remotes villages and help free them from social issues including spreading the message of Swatch Bharat campaign.



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