The struggling actor had seen a lot of tough times when she began for almost two years in a row before gaining the popularity and love from fans, as we now know about her. She has time and again expressed her role models in the industry being Kangana Ranaut and Anushka Sharma and also she talks a lot about her earlier inhibitions in and during performances because she was nowhere close to her own vision of herself, as her role models, of course.

Parineeti Talks About Her Fashion Hacks

Kinnari Rathod talk fashion with this lady and she opens up to the kinds and styles she prefers, loves and admires whereas others that she would never even imagine to be in, unless of course, it was a shoot. Yeah, we all do a lot of things for the bread and butter, so wearing a bunch of clothes is not a big deal certainly for Parineeti, who is amazingly organized and calm in these matters.

Style and Parineeti Chopra

She talks about the new trend that’s catching up around of wearing long ghagra skirts and leather garments and proudly claims that she is completely ignorant of it, or to say, is against it. She does not like leather garments like tops, pants except one jacket that she owns, which she would love to put on in a cold place. She also says that animal stripes and patterns are also completely “no-go” for her. In the same spirit, she loves minis, short or just knee length skirts and long sexy ghagra is not her cup of tea. Although, she doesn’t forget to mention that she’s ready to support them for a shoot, of course.

This shows how much confidence she has gained over the years since she actually saw herself in the mirror the way she had always visioned herself.

She Admires Herself But Is Also Realistic

She also admires her curves and hips and prefers a bodycon dress the most because it makes her feel great and at ease, above all.


Sure, curvy hips and a small waist are the very meaning of an hour-glass figure that is both healthy and not overwhelmingly out of bounds.


Style and Parineeti Chopra-3

It’s great that she has achieved the look that she desperately craved for a long time. Apart from that she also reveals an amazingly nice trick do makeup, that is, for girls and ladies out there. Just concentrate on your eyes, put on a little kajal and it does the job pretty well. It brightens up your face and is a lot more effective. In the same context, she also adds that she always regretted her looks during the start of her career because she was overweight and it lowered her self-esteem when she was out sporting clothes that would not suit her at all.

An interesting thing she says about her that she would rate her at 1 out of 10 in the style quotient. She feels that she has just started and has a long way to go, but that is certainly very subjective and we all know about “beholders eyes” and so on.