LIFFI: Pankaj Tripathi watches ‘Life Biryani’, finds drawbacks

Actor Pankaj Tripathi watched the premiere of his film “Life Biryani” at the Lonavla International Film Festival India (LIFFI) here, and says he found some drawbacks that he will point out to the director.

The film, produced by Shailesh Thakur and directed by Vivek Srivastava, also features Rohit Chaudhary, Puneet Vashishth and Partho Sarthi.

The LIFFI screening was the first time that Pankaj watched the yet-to-be-released “Life Biryani”.

Talking about it, Pankaj told IANS: “‘Life Biryani’ is a satire in the space of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films… It’s a slice-of-life movie. It’s more of a comedy on food, and to what extent four people can go for food and how they get stuck.”

“I also saw the film for the first time at LIFFI and I saw some drawbacks in the movie. I will tell the director about it and to perhaps reduce its length.”

Spotted in a relaxed mood as he enjoyed the cool weather in the hill station near Mumbai, Pankaj said: “The weather is so lovely in Lonavala… There’s fog, there’s rain and greenery. In this weather, you should just take a blanket and watch films, and so it’s a perfect setting for a film festival.”

He even praised the initiative of the debut edition of LIFFI, which has a line-up of 52 films in all. The film fest will conclude on September 5.

Two of Pankaj’s films — “Life Biryani” and “Global Baba” were included in the line-up.



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