KACHRAPETI -A human dustbin

There are films that have explored the seamy underbelly of urbania- Salaam Bombay and Slumdog Millionaire come readily to mind. Crime and poverty are interlinked. What makes KACHRAPETI A human dustbin, different is that it exposes how nefarious activities affect the residents of tony high rises too.

Writer-Director Deep Sharma has told this story with sincere and deep conviction. It uncovers the racket of abducting children from well-off families and making them beg, forcing them into a life of squalor and misery, while the police, bureaucrats and ministers get their share and look the other way.

In the film, sleaze is not associated with slums but comes with veneer. It’s the substance behind the gloss. Sharma has handled the delicate subject with tact and sensitivity. The narrative moves forward at a brisk pace, avoiding clichéd situations, hackneyed dialogues, and instead keeps the viewer engaged with deft camera movements, amazing lighting and performances that stick in the mind long after the credits roll.

The Fact Films’ KACHRAPETI A human dustbin aims to be an eye-opener. And yet this isn’t a documentary. There are no songs, true, but there are enough flourishes to keep the mainstream audience enthralled. “This film is meant for the masses,” says Sharma. Meaning, it’s not restricted to adults, but is suitable for children also.

It’s very easy to make a film on this theme and exploit sympathies but he has resisted that temptation and chosen a more subtle approach. It’s not what he says but how he says it that makes all the difference.

Sharma has worked as assistant director with Raaj Kumar Kohli. He has written TV episodes and made ad films and music albums.

Sujit Punjabi (Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Qayamat) who plays the reporter is also the producer of the film. He says he had a vision of a film that would provoke and prod, awaken people from their lethargy and stimulate their critical faculties. “With KACHRAPETI A human dustbin I hope to raise the bar of what constitutes good cinema,” he says.

“Films should not dull your senses and make you believe all’s fine with the world. Not all the time at least. Now and then cinema should also give you a jolt and throw a searchlight on murky happenings.”

And Punjabi has gone about his job in earnest. The screenplay is focused and tight.

The Fact Films’ KACHRAPETI -A human dustbin stars introducing master Maharsh, Sujit Punjabi, Tamanna, Shagufta Shaikh with Birbal and Ramesh Goyal in supportive roles. It has cinematography by Sanjeev Singh, edited by Abhay Tiwari, written and directed by Deep Sharma and produced by Sujit Punjabi under the banner of The Fact Films.

This 70-minute KACHRAPETI-A human dustbin film will be released in March-April 2010 all over.


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