Kylie Jenner sued for copying ‘lip bite’ art

Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner has been sued for copying neon ‘lip bite’ art for promotion of her new “Life of Kylie” reality show.

Artist Sarah Pope is suing the reality star along with E! Entertainment and NBCUniversal, saying they knowingly copied her 2015 work “Temptation Neon” without permission, reports

Pope says her original work and the alleged copycat image are nearly identical – with highly glossed lips in a “lip bite” pose ringed with a neon tube and dripping wet.

In her lawsuit filed on Tuesday in the US District Court here, Pope claims Kylie has a history of stealing from artists.

She points to another lawsuit that accused Kylie and her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner of using unlicensed photos of Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and other music icons for T-shirts that also featured the sisters’ faces.

The lawsuit claims: “Defendants used Temptation Neon without permission in promotional social media posts and in a promotional video featured online and in advertisements across the United States. They are building their brand and goodwill at Ms. Pope’s expense.”

The lawsuit seeks real and punitive damages.

According to a source, the “Life of Kylie” promotional materials were independently created by a third party agency and that Kylie had no part in the process.



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