Tom Hardy to star in Bosnian war movie

Actor Tom Hardy will produce and star in the Bosnian War movie “My War Gone By, I Miss It So”.

The film is based on the 1999 book of the same name by Anthony Lloyd, an English journalist and war correspondent, reports

Gavin O’Connor will direct the project, which is Lloyd’s personal account of the Bosnian War. It alternates between his experiences in Bosnia and personal reflections of his time in the British Army, his parents’ divorce, his estrangement from his father and his heroin addiction.

“‘My War Gone By’ is a brutal yet sensitive story which addresses both the nature of addiction and the experience of war. I was struck by Anthony’s work and words, experiences, and for me his is an important voice and an important book,” Hardy said.

Hardy can currently be seen in “Dunkirk” as a Royal Air Force pilot.