Do Knot Disturb

Govinda plays a rich husband married to Sushmita who owns the Saxena Group of industries. On the sly he has been having an affair with Dolly (Lara) an item queen who has dumped her ex (Sohail Khan) for greener pastures. Govinda’s kicked out butler Nandu (Rajpal) in an attempt to get back at him clicks a photo of him with Dolly and sends it to his wife.

When she confronts Govinda over it he manages to escape out of the tricky situation by claiming a passerby who appears unintentionally closer to Dolly in the picture as her boyfriend. Knowing well that she won’t stop at this and try to find out the truth behind it, he starts hunting for the passerby who turns out to be a waiter, Goverdhan (Ritesh).

Govinda lures him into playing Dolly’s boyfriend for sometime till his wife gets convinced about it. But at the same time, she proves smarter by hiring a private detective friend Nunnu (Shorey) to catch them red handed. Add to that Dolly’s hot headed ex desperately wanting to thrash her new boyfriend and win her back What follows next is total chaos!

You know when you enter a film like Do Knot Disturb, logic should be the last thing on your mind considering the names it comprises of but then what you encounter is a huge let down. A two timing hubby is no more a novelty on screen and Govinda and David Dhawan have churned out many films revolving around this theme earlier.

But this time around they fail together. In the name of comedy in here you have actors yelling at the top of their voices or breaking into female tones for no rhyme or reasons, outdated situational jokes about a dead body going around a hotel, slapping spree meant to derive laughs, faulty characterizations.

Govinda and Sushmita Sen in the Still from movie Do knot disturb
Govinda and Sushmita Sen in the Still from movie Do knot disturb

The film is supposedly completely set in Delhi and the characters too keep saying this but it appears not a single frame seems to have been shot in the capital city. Dubai-Abu Dhabi has been passed off as Delhi. In fact Ritesh’s hotel is shown at a sea side with yachts parked. The makers seem well prepared to take their audience on a ride it seems.

Nadeem Shravan’s music is dated like the film’s jokes barring the Bebo number. Sets are gaudy and camerawork functional.

Govinda can create a laugh riot amongst the masses if he decides to but here barring a few comic sequences he is mostly resorted to yelling his lines in the name of humour. Ritesh on the other hand is much subdued and likeable as the greedy waiter.

Lara Dutta looks WOW and acts ably and displays good flair for comedy. Sushmita Sen is hardly there in the first half and practically ignored in the second right till the climatic moments. (No wonder there were rumours about Sushmita being pissed about this fact)

Ranvir Shorey is funny but why such a horrendous wig for him that threatens to fall any moment. Sohail Khan’s character could have been developed further as he is genuinely funny in his angry moments. Rajpal Yadav and Manoj Pahwa manage a few laughs. But one wonders why makers feel Rajpal Yadav needs to be whacked around in all his roles to get laughs! Rituparna hardly gets any scope.

Do Knot Disturb is a comeback of the No.1 series trio of producer Vashu Bhagnani, director David Dhawan and Govinda but alas it is no where close to any of their earlier ventures!

Banner Puja Entertainment (India) Ltd.
Big Pictures
Film Do Knot Disturb
Cast Govinda
Ritesh Deshmukh as Goverdhan
Sushmita Sen
Lara Dutta as Dolly
Sohail Khan
Ranvir Shorey as Nunnu
Rajpal Yadav as Nandu
Himani Shivpuri
Rituparna Sengupta
Manoj Pahwa
Director David Dhawan
Producer Vashu Bhagnani
Music Director Nadeem Saifee
Shravan Kumar
Lyricist Sameer
Rating 1/5


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