Kahaani Gudiya Ki – True Story of a Woman being treated as a doll!

Kahaani Guidya KiThe fate of this movie is rather bleak as it has found itself a pretty vulnerable place among the two other releases this week. The box office is busy with KRAZZY 4 and U ME AUR HUM, which are relatively stronger contestant for this movie. When someone questions, why this film ever got a national release before one goes to answer, one thing that comes to mind is that it is no doubt not a fine time for its release. The fairer of the human species somehow, finds to get a voice for herself. As the movie’s name suggests, KAHAANI GUDIYA KI is the true story of a woman. Some time back, the tabloids of regional news channels were floods with news of the ill fate of a woman fighting a silent war between the devil and the deep sea. The story of a young woman in Uttar Pradesh gets a place in the celluloid because of the strange course of actions that fate brought her, the difficult choices she had to face. The dilemma is that of woman caught in the institution of marriage. The society that ruled her life was not answerable to her questions. The name Gudiya means a doll and so is the woman with that name, a mere doll who is played around by the so-called learned elders of our society where even the legal rules are against her wishes with the basic fact of security and stability of her very existence in danger.

Rating: 2.5/5

The man behind Kahaani Gudiya Ki is the brainchild of Prabhakar Shukla, a man well-known in the world of advertising. But 15 years of hardcore experience in ad world doesn’t bring this man much acclaim as a filmmaker and the definite ill-timing will badly affect the movie’s salability. The film has been released minus any promos, which might again boomerang to its achievement at the box office. Though backed with a pretty strong and awakening plot, the movie doesn’t seem to impress much. Prabhakar Shukla brings up a lot of ‘Whs’, but the whys, hows, whens do not reach every ear. The reason being, it is not a common incident, the uncommon situation in the protagonist Gudiya’s life doesn’t allow the audience to relate to her. Especially the urban crowd would fail to see the point. As far as it was a news in the TV channels, it was greeted well, but when it comes down to silver screen, it looses the shimmer. But, what Prabhakar Shukla did get is the way the movie describes the real life incidents with perfection. The movie’s music by Prakash Raj brings in some soul-touching melodies from Jagjit Singh. The ever-so-soothing voice puts life into the dull surroundings of the film.

Kahaani Guidya Ki

The story is of a young and coy girl living in some village in UP. Gudiya (Divya) is happily married off to an army soldier named Arif (Arif Zakaria). The bliss of the married couple has only a very short life of about 10 days when Arif has to go back to the border to participate in the Kargil War. The virtual war-widow somehow accepts the life she has got into with ease and is pretty much proud to be married to a soldier who is fighting for the sake of his motherland. She waits for him to return with lot of hope, when the news of his being missing at the warfront arrive her. A country that respects its jawans is bewildered with the news that Arif is absconding from the camp so they go on to declare him as a deserter. While Gudiya and Arif’s mother find it difficult to live with this stigma, life moves on. After 4 long years pass without any news of Arif’s return and the tears in Gudiya’s eyes dry inside, life takes another turn and only this time it is a happy one. She agrees to marry her cousin Taufiq (Rajpal Yadav) who turns out to be a very loving husband. Life again plays a prank with her and after two years of marriage with Taufiq, when Gudiya is expecting her first child, Arif comes back to calim his wife and gives his side of the story. He had been under-captive by the Pakistan military as a prisoner of war. The army that has disowned him is more than happy to place a garland of honor around his neck. The Muslim law or Shariat that had allowed Gudiya to marry Taufiq now verdicts that Gudiya must return to Arif as he is her first legally-wedded husband. The dilemma that Gudiya and Taufiq face is not even considered and the 8-moth pregnant woman has to leave the legal father of her child to go back to her first husband.

The plot and screenplay are good and depicts an engaging and crystalline picture of the real scenarios. Divya Dutta has revealed much of her silver and shows that she has a lot of potential in her though she has not been getting much clearer roles of late. Rajpal Yadav and Arif Jakariya are good. The best part about the movie is the music and the songs, which are destined to be memorable. Over all, the movie is not for a general audience and captures only a specific group of audience, falling in the genre of parallel cinema with hesitance.

Rating: 2.5/5


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