Aaron Sorkin believes in writing alone

Writing alone is not the norm in Hollywood, but screenwriter Aaron Sorkin prefers to work like that. He says many people in the industry find it unusual.

“The fact that I write alone is unusual, especially in television. But listen, I’m a playwright at heart, and you write a play by yourself,” Sorkin said in a statement.

He added: “If you write in a group, the idiosyncrasy is going to get ironed out of it. It’s just going to be homogenised. You want the writer to be a human person and not a machine, and you want ticks and hiccups and idiosyncrasies in there – it’s going to make it much more alive and much more fun.”

Sorkin also wrote “Steve Jobs”, directed by Danny Boyle, which will go on air in India on Sony PIX on January 29.

Sorkin asserts that it is important who directs one’s stories as it is “going to make a huge difference in the end result”.


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