Abbas Hasan releases multi-lingual single ‘Akhiyaan teri’

Canadian-French pop music artiste Abbas Hasan, who is based here, is out with a new single “Akhiyaan teri”. The song is a mixture of English, Hindi-Urdu, with a bit of Punjabi in it.

The song marks Hasan’s first collaboration with the One Touch Productions team, including composer Abhi D, instrumentalist Sahil Syndicate, and music producer GK. Naamlessis, read a statement.

Hasan says that with the song, he wanted to capture “that mellow summer love essence so (that) my fans can journey to the golden beaches with me”.

“It’s about that playful love that you just can’t stop thinking about. The music and instrumentation is a blend of acoustic guitars and pianos along with eastern instrumental accents to bring that feeling to life,” he added.

The single was released on Zee Music India on Tuesday.

Hasan was launched his career with his debut single with Rishi Rich named “Sona” and has tracks like “Habibi” and “Away” to his credit.

Anurag Bedi, the head of ZEE Music Company, said: “Abbas Hasan’s French, Spanish and other multi-lingual flavours along with his musical talent and looks make him a very unique artist and we look forward to everything that is to come.”

“Abbas Hasan’s European-Mediterranean guitar influences are evident as he performs his first song combining Punjabi with English/Hindi-Urdu. The video was shot in Los Angeles and captures the mellow summer love vibes of the song,” Bedi added.


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