Acting makes one conscious of own actions: Divya Dutta

National Award winner Divya Dutta says the field of acting teaches one to be more conscious about his or her own actions in order to make the world a better place.

“When you are involved in retelling of stories of people who changed the world or who helped shape it, you become more aware and more conscious of your own actions and actions of people around you. Our responsibility as humans should be to leave the world as a better place than what we came into, and that should extend to our environment as well,” Divya said.

The actress feels it’s high time people stop abusing nature.

“I think we are least bothered to make an effort. Our world of cleanliness revolves only around our houses because beyond that, it is not our concern and none of our business. What causes such insensitivity, I wonder sometimes… towards your own city, your own country. Is it just lack of education and civic sense’

“A sense of dismay always trickles inside me. What are we doing to our environment’ Everything is being commercialised. Trees are being cut, new constructions are being done. We are gradually taking away all the green land by killing the flora and fauna. We are now getting chemical-induced fruits and vegetables.

“Nature is going away from us and we are choosing to turn our heads away thinking ‘It’s okay, life’s moving’. I wonder till how long nature will allow us to abuse it. These are warning bells we dare not ignore. I think we should restore what rightfully belongs to nature or it will show its wrath in the most unexpected ways.”


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