Alia a big star now, don’t get time to meet her: Rahul Bhatt

Fitness trainer Rahul Bhatt says his sister Alia Bhatt is a big star now and he doesn’t get to meet her quite often.

“Alia is a very big star now and we don’t get time to meet her. We only meet on important occasions like father’s birthday, Rakshbandhan, Diwali. She very busy now and I am happy for her success,” Rahul told IANS.

“However I haven’t watched ‘Dear Zindagi’ as yet. I am a little disconnected with movies I don’t follow them. I am not a Hindi movie buff,” he added.

Rahul however says his relationship with his father Mahesh Bhatt has also evolved over the years.

“It’s not a conventional father and son relationship but I respect my father because he is an exceptional man. He has taught me so many thing in life. The greatest respect is he takes care of my mother so nicely and nothing is more satisfying than that,” he said.

“Family has been there for me but we are not conventional close knit Indian family. We have very strong personalities and that’s the way we all have been raised. We meet and we are there for each other and when there is a crisis the family is united,” added Rahul.

Currently Rahul is in news for training Aamir Khan for his film “Dangal”. Aamir gained 97 kilos for his role as Mahavir Phogat in “Dangal” and then dropped 20 kgs for the same film with the help of the trainer.

Rahul says it has been an satisfying experience working with Aamir.

“It has been satisfying experience working with Aamir Khan. You get to learn from him. He has exceptional qualitiesAand those things have rubbed off,” the 34 year old said.


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