Amy Schumer trolled over ‘Barbie’ casting

Actress Amy Schumer’s casting in upcoming live-action “Barbie” movie has sparked outrage over social media.

Soon after it was announced that Schumer has been approached for a major role in the upcoming film, people took to Twitter to respond to the news, reports

“If Barbie became obese and heinous to men, Amy Schumer is perfect,” read one of the post.

Another user wrote: “Barbie” Better lose a lot of weight for that role!”

“Amy Schumer is to Barbie what Michael Moore is to G.I. Joe,” another person said.

One comment read: “If Amy Schumer is Barbie, then Seth Rogen should be Ken.”

However there were some users who were happy with Schumer’s casting.

“The only way I’d watch a movie about Barbie is if Amy Schumer was starring in it,” one user tweeted.

Another one posted: “To the people angry about Amy Schumer playing Barbie in a live action film, for being ‘plus size’ go f**k yourselves.”

Schumer has been roped in to play a character who gets kicked out of the Barbieland because she doesn’t quite fit the mold. After she’s exiled, she sets a journey to the real world and eventually discovers that being unique is an asset.


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