As director, Dhanush knows what he wants: Chaya Singh

Actress Chaya Singh, who plays an important role in Dhanush’s upcoming Tamil directorial debut “Power Paandi”, says that as a director, he knows what he wants and how to extract it from his actors.

“When an actor dons a director’s hat, he knows exactly what he wants from his actors, and it applies to Dhanush too. It never felt like I was working with a first-time director. With his child-like enthusiasm, Dhanush makes working so much fun,” Chaya told IANS.

Chaya had worked alongside Dhanush a decade ago in Tamil film “Thiruda Thirudi”. Their onscreen pairing is most popular for the hit number “Manmadha rasa”.

“It was Subramaniyam Siva, director of ‘Thiruda Thirudi’, who referred me for this role in ‘Power Paandi’. Dhanush thought I fit the bill for the character and immediately signed me on,” she said.

“Power Paandi” is slated for release on April 14, 2017.

Tipped to be the story of a few stuntmen, the film also stars Raj Kiran and Prasanna. Dhanush and filmmaker Gautham Vasudev Menon feature in cameos in the movie.


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