Beyonce moving to rental home near hospital

Singer-actress Beyonce Knowles is reportedly preparing for the birth of her twins as she is moving into a rental house near a hospital here.

According to a source close to the singer’s family, Beyonce’s move near the delivery room is a huge indication that the delivery will happen very soon. Father of the children and the singer’s husband Jay Z is very stressed out, reports

The family is under pressure as they don’t have a permanent home right now.

“Beyonce has already decided that the twins will be born at Cedars, and she wants Jay Z to have a house for them to return to when they leave, not a hotel. She wants everything to be perfect and things keep going wrong. And this move near the hospital will make her delivery so much easier, she thinks,” said the source.

Beyonce is also worried her estranged father Matthew Knowles will show up when she gives birth.

“She is fearful that he’ll show up uninvited like he did with their five-year-old daughter Blue. She doesn’t want him anywhere nearby on her special day. She fully expects everything to be perfect as they become a family of five,” the source added.

Beyonce’s mother, Tina Lawson, will be in charge of “keeping the hospital staff on their toes” that day, so her father won’t come in.


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