Black Eyed Peas working with Nile Rodgers

Hip-Hop group Black Eyed Peas are working on new music with funk legend Nile Rodgers.

Rodgers tweeted photograph of them both in a studio where The Beatles and Pink Floyd have recorded their most iconic albums.

He wrote: “I try and post my daily life to show that cancer, twice in my case, is not always a death sentence. Stay strong. and me working on Black Eyed Peas funky cut.”

The “Get lucky” guitarist also added a video of the pair on Facebook, in which he reveals how it is a dream to be working with one of his idols and how he learnt so much from him, reports

Rodgers says in the clip: “What an honour to be working with one of my heroes, influencers, teachers. I grew up listening to his music and I am still growing up to his music, I was blessed to hear some of the stories… When I am around the legends and my mentors, I can’t help but interview them, I learned so much in five minutes. So thank you so much, bro. You are a hero.”

Rodgers added: “Thank you, happy to have you up here in the crib.”

Black Eyed Peas returned with their first song without former singer Fergie in January.


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