Blessed to be marrying Saurabh: Zara

Actress Zara Barring says she feels blessed to be marrying actor Saurabh Pandey.

“I feel very blessed to be getting married to the man I love. It’s definitely a very beautiful feeling. I feel ours has been a relationship that has been through its fair share of ups and downs,” Zara said in a statement.

“We passed many challenges along the way and took the time to fully know one another… And naturally, marriage would be the next step to take,” added Zara, who will marry Saurabh on Tuesday.

Zara says religion didn’t come in the way of their union.

“Religion, to me, comes secondary. I believe what matters more are the core values a person has been raised with. Love is obviously the glue that binds us together,” she said.

“Saurabh is absolutely adored by my entire family, but I feel he is closest to my father. They share a very strong bond and mutual respect and it’s heartwarming to see that,” she added.