Bloom feels he’d be a ‘very English’ James Bond

Actor Orlando Bloom says he could become a “very English” James Bond.

Bloom is among a number of actors who have been suggested as a possible replacement for actor Daniel Craig when he chooses to leave the iconic franchise. The actor believes he could bring an English shade to the character, reports

“I grew up loving those films. Who didn’t, you know’ But I’m sure they’re going to probably do more with Daniel and who knows where they will go with that,” Bloom said.

“That franchise is part of the fabric of our society. It’s something that people really relate and laugh at and enjoy. A little bit of who Jack (Sparrow from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) is, that kind of wink and twinkle behind the eye is what I always saw in both Sean Connery and Roger Moore and what they did.

“And I love what Daniel Craig did. It’s, like, muscular and dynamic – I think there’s a combination of all of that that’s really interesting,” he added.

Asked to describe his own version of Bond, Bloom said: “I think there’d be a bit of that. You know, a bit of that very English… But that sort of twinkle with the muscular dynamic.”

However, the 40-year-old also said that the film franchise could move in a dramatically different direction in the coming years.

“Who knows’ They could do a woman in the world we live in today… Who knows where they’ll go with it’ I don’t know. But I do love that world and who doesn’t, you know,” he said.


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