Cab drivers to perform in finale of musical ‘Mamma Mia Again’

The upcoming musical “Mamma Mia Again”, which will be showcased in the national capital from December 8 to 10, will have cab drivers from taxi aggregator company Sakha Consulting Wings, performing on the stage at the finale.

“We have a beautiful audio visual running as a backdrop, our budget is probably 1/10th of the original! Most importantly the Sakha Cab drivers are on stage and dance for the finale. They are young, energetic and gutsy girls for whom we are staging ‘Mama Mia Again’. Our tag line is “where there is a wheel there is a way. These girls can drive a car, dance on stage, cook a meal, raise a child, earn a living and live in dignity,” Ritu R Chandra, Director of “Mamma Mia Again” said in a statement.

“‘Mama Mia Again’ is a story of powerful women. In any country, in any environment the story of women should always have the same intrinsic quality! They should live life on their terms and make their own choices. The musical is differently structured,” Chandra added.

Non-profit organisation Azad Foundation and Sakha Consulting Wings, which provides safe transport solutions for women, are organising the musical.

The event will be a fund-raiser where all proceeds will go to Azad Foundation’s Women on Wheels programme, which aims at empowering disadvantaged women to become professional drivers.


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