Carrie Fisher’s autopsy on hold

The autopsy on actress Carrie Fisher’s body is on hold, said an official.

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office said Carrie’s body is in their possession and that the autopsy is on hold due to the “family’s loss for two”.

“We are not out to rush the family,” the office told on Thursday.

“We are giving the family some space. They not only lost Carrie, but lost Debbie Reynolds (her mother) too.”

Carrie died on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack onboard a plane.

Debbie was in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon when she had to be rushed to hospital. She died on Wednesday.

According to discussions are currently underway to determine what is the best way to honour the two stars.

Debbie’s son Todd Fisher said a joint funeral has been discussed but is not official.

“That is my preference,” he said.

“Obviously it’s not finalised, but I think that sounds like a grand idea given the beautiful story between them.”

Both Debbie and Carrie were set to star in the HBO documentary “Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher”.

While the premiere day is yet to be announced, Todd said that HBO reached out and both parties hope the documentary can be a part of the memorial in some way.

“Remarkably enough, the documentary is the greatest tribute you can imagine to both of them,” Todd said.


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