‘Cars 3’ director feels odd over film’s release

American director Brian Fee, who spent the past five years making “Cars 3”, says he feels odd that his work will be over with the movie’s release.

Fee is making his directorial debut with “Cars 3”, and says that a void will be created after its release.

“My journey with the film has been long. It takes a long time to make such films. The picture just got locked and we are done with it,” Fee told IANS here.

He added: “It is an odd feeling to be done with it…I kind of don’t want it to done now. It has been my life for the past five years.”

“Cars 3” is the third part in the “Cars” franchise. The first one came out in 2006 and the second in 2011.

The film brings a fantasy world of cars where they are not just metal bodies but talk and feel like humans. It narrates the story of racing car Lighting McQueen, and how he overcomes all the challenges. This time, Lighting McQueen is facing the threat of being taken over by a young sports car, and takes viewers through the journey around how he works hard to retain his position.

Scheduled to release in the US on June 16, actors like Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Dillon, Dan Whitney and Kerry Washington are voice talent of the film.

Jay Ward, creative director, also said: “My journey with ‘Cars’ movies was long. I first started working on the films in 2000.”

Talking about adding reality touch to the film, Ward said: “Getting realistic is very important. Even though it is an animated and fun world, we want to make it believable.”

The final outcome might seem to be a fun ride, but Bill Cone (production designer) and Han Cho (sets supervisor) say the project was challenging.

Chao said: “I think pretty much everything was challenging. I don’t think there was one thing that stood out… There were different challenges at different stages.”

Adding to it, Cone said most of the people think that making a sequel is easier. But it’s not, and is more complicated.

(The writer’s trip is at the invitation of Disney. She can be contacted at Sugandha.r@ians.in)

By Sugandha Rawal


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