Charlie Hunnam not first choice for ‘King Arthur…’

Director Guy Ritchie says actor Charlie Hunnam wasnt even in his “top ten list of actors” for his film “King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword”.

“Charlie wasn’t on my top ten list of actors for the role. But he insisted he was going to get himself in the room, and he was established enough to finagle his way into that room,” Ritchie said in a statement.

He added: “He just ground down the competition until I surrendered and cast him. From there, I knew he was going to be the right man. We have a very similar sensibility, in terms of humour and our interest in film. So it was a shorthand with Charlie all the way through production.”

The film, backed by Warner Bros, revives the tales of the legendary warrior, his famed knights of the round table, and the magician Merlin.

The director says Hunnam changed his physique to suit the role.

He said: “When he arrived to discuss the role, he was a bit slight, but his ability trumped that. By the time filming began Charlie had stuck on about 20 pounds of muscle.”

The film is releasing in India on Friday.


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