Choose pocket square wisely

Saggar Mehra, Creative Director at Sunil Mehra, says that pocket square is the smallest detail in attire that makes the biggest difference hence it is needed to take care of a few steps while choosing the perfect piece.

* The Pattern: Plain solid colours have been quite popular but with changing times and fashion, men are looking forward to experiment with the prints. The few prints which definitely make an outfit remarkable are the classic polka dot, floral and the paisley.

Pocket squares can be matched with ties in terms of colours or patterns. Herringbone and striped pattern pocket squares can be tricky to carry because there are stripe, check or herringbone in the shirt or suit. So for carrying this tricky striped or checked patterned pocket square, teaming it up with a solid colour suit works perfectly well.

* The Fold: Men can stylise pocket squares in different ways to enhance their outfit.

A square fold pocket square is perfectly ideal for formal occasions or business events. The square fold, also known as the presidential or classic fold, is suited for more dignified, conservative occasions where formality is to be observed.

The one point fold displays a triangle shape peeking out through the pocket. This fold is more noticeable than the square fold and adds quirkiness to the attire. The puff fold is quite simplistic, it relies on a more traditional, subtle display of a pocket square. One can opt puff fold for casual occasions or soirees.

* The Fabric: Square fold looks perfect in cotton fabric as it retains the shape and gives a simple and classic look. Puff fold goes well with fabrics like silk or linen as these are crispier when folded. Linen gives a supple look to the folded pocket square. Three fold or four fold can be done with silk, linen or a blend of wool and silk.

New Delhi, Dec 28 (IANS) Pocket squares have been a style statement with men’s fashion historically and it will continue to be that as it complements the outfit by adding sophistication along with a touch of elegance. By choosing the right pattern to opting for a right fabric can add extra sophistication to the overall personality.


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