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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Choreographer Brigade Lauds Terence Lewis – Indian Man Documentary

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The documentary based on the film of ace choreographer Terence Lewis premiered in Mumbai, and entire tinsel-town dancing brigade lauded the heart-warming and gallant story directed by French director Pierre X Garnier.

Celebrities such as Raghav Jugal, Geeta Kapoor, Omung Kumar and more graced the Red-Carpet Premiere here in Mumbai.

The documentary won accolades and praises in Paris, where it first premiered and now the documentary titled “Terence Lewis –  Indian Man” premiered in India. The project captures glimpses of Terence Lewis, in stark contrast to the crazy speed and glam of a life lived under the spotlight.

Talking about the documentary at the premiere, ace dancer, choreographer and actor Raghav Jugal said, “The film gave me goose-bumps, it makes you laugh and cry. It is a honest film, it is documentary and I have enjoyed watching it. The director of the film, Pierre has done a remarkable job”

Geeta Kapoor, a noted and respected name in entertainment industry, got emotional at the premiere and said, “Not many people from our field, dancing and choreography, gets their documentary for people to know their story, and I am very happy that Terence has got his moment. It is time everyone saw the world from our perspective.”

With documentary, filmmaker Pierre X. Garnier captures the pensive, subtle and silent gazes of Terence Lewis and his inner world, unknown to most, in his auteur style of documentary cinema.

Talking about the documentary and its response, Terence said, “I was little scared, as this is documentary, so it is slow and it is made by a French director, so it is slow paced, meaningful and it has deep thoughtfulness, so I was scared that audience might get bored, but everyone has understood that we all running to stand-still, everyone is running around to find peace in life.”


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