Cliff Richard ‘in good spirits’ after settling court battle

Singer Cliff Richard celebrated a one-million-pound damages payout from the police by belting out his hit number “Summer holiday” in a restaurant.

The 76-year-old settled his court battle with South Yorkshire Police with a sing-a-long during dinner near his home in Portugal over the weekend, reports

Richard, pictured turning up at the Bellavita restaurant, in a former lighthouse in Salgados in Portugal, said on May 26 he was “delighted” with the outcome of his court case.

South Yorkshire Police are said to have paid him damages worth more than one million pounds.

One diner who sat beside the singer on May 27 said: “Sir Cliff seemed to be out celebrating. He was in good spirits and his party ordered several bottles of wine throughout the evening.”

“At around 10:30 p.m., someone started playing ‘Summer holiday’ — everyone turned to look at Cliff, and rather than feel embarrassed or awkward, he started singing along, and serenaded everyone with a few verses.”

“A lot of people in the restaurant turned to watch and then broke out into applause when he finished singing. He was laughing and joking with his table, who were all clapping too.

“It was a really fun evening — it’s not every day you get to see Sir Cliff sing live over dinner,” added the diner, reports

Richard sued the BBC and South Yorkshire Police over “humiliating” TV coverage at his home in Sunningdale, Berks, in August 2014, after he was investigated over claims he abused a boy during the 1980s. He was never arrested or charged and was cleared last June.

The singer is still in dispute with the BBC, whose editors have said they will defend themselves “vigorously”, but the High Court heard on May 26 that he had reached a settlement with the force.

His barrister said the singer’s reputation had been “forever tainted”.


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