‘Coffee with D’ different from commercial potboilers: Anjana Sukhani

Bollywood actress Anjana Sukhani says that her upcoming comic caper, “Coffee with D” is different than typical commercial potboiler.

“Coffee with D”, which also stars Sunil Grover, Zakir Husain, and Dipannita Sharma, is directed by Vishal Mishra and produced by Vinod Ramani.

“The story line is different than typical commercial potboiler. There is this journalist, whose job is in jeopardy and his wife, the role that I am playing, a crime reporter, comes up with an idea that we should interview Dawood,” said Anjana during one of her promotional interviewsy.

“Finally the character of Sunil Grover gets to interview Dawood in the climax, which is also very funny and quirky, at the same time patriotic,” she added.

The movie is a goofy take on noted TV host Arnab Goswami, notorious gang leader Dawood Ibrahim and elements of the media-political spin off.

“‘Coffee With D’ is an interesting, entertaining, comedy film. Vishal Mishra has tried to make an interesting and a little different type of film,” said Anjana.

Sunil Grover is a noted stand-up comedian, and the actress says she had an “amazing” experience working with him.

“Experience was amazing and I’ve known Sunil for a long time. He is quite an impromptu actor. He keeps adding some twist, funny caper to scenes, which makes it fun,” she said.

The movie is scheduled to release on January 6.


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