CPI urges CJI to reconsider verdict for National Anthem in theatres

Contending that it was akin to having a “vulgar dance along with classical dance”, the CPI has urged Chief Justice of India to reconsider the Supreme Court verdict mandating cinema halls play the National Anthem before the start of movies.

Hailing the apex court’s November 30 judgment, Communist Party of India (CPI) national secretary K. Narayana, in a letter to Chief Justice T.S. Thakur, said the implementation of the verdict will create lot of problems.

Contending that the National Anthem should not be taken so lightly to be played in every show of theaters just before the film begins, he said: “It is just like having vulgar dance along with traditional classical dance.”

“In our country right now, the era of intolerance is prevailing. Many anti-social elements will also attend theatres. Multi-religious people come to theaters. Intoxicated gangsters also will attend movies. Hence probable chances are there for eruption of communal violence in various states,” said Narayana, noting that under the prevailing circumstances, limiting the National Anthem to government functions, and schools etc was the “most rational” step.

“You can reconsider the verdict given by Supreme Court. It is not out of context to mention to

remind that several judgements were being reviewed in the past, debated and were withheld and kept in abeyance,” he said.

Following the verdict, several people have been arrested for failing to stand when the National Anthem was being played at theatres.


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