Cyrus wants to act with Liam Hemsworth again

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus, who met actor Liam Hemsworth while filming the 2010 romantic movie “The Last Song”, hopes she will share the screen with him again.

The duo dated each other before announcing their engagement in 2012. They split up in 2013, but reconciled in 2015 and became engaged once again. And now, she wants to act in another movie with him, reports

“(Miley) wants to do some more movies in 2017 and would love to work with Liam,” said a source.

“It could be a romantic thing, a comedy, or something in which they play characters who hate each other. But she’d want to do that before getting married because she is happy with how the relationship with Liam is going.”

The two are reportedly planning their wedding, but the date hasn’t been announced yet.


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