Delhi smog forces Richa to workout indoors (Movie Snippets)

The Delhi smog is keeping actress Richa Chadha, who is in the capital city to shoot “Fukrey Returns”, away from her morning exercise routine outdoors. But she has found indoor alternatives for her fitness.

Richa loves outdoor fitness routines, but because of weather conditions, she has opted for yoga and other indoor fitness options that can keep her healthy and happy at the same time.

Talking about it, Richa said in a statement: “It’s winter and the smog just gets a whole lot worse at this time. I had to find a cardio substitute, so I joined a regular gym near my hotel. It’s funny because suddenly people realize that the girl lifting weights next to them is in the movies.

“But mostly people politely come and say ‘Hello’. I am sad that the city I grew up in doesn’t look like what it used to with parks and greenery.”


Ranveer has shoe obsession

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh loves collecting shoes.

During the shooting of Sneaker Party, a part of the television show “Vh1 Inside Access”, when the anchor of the show asked Ranveer about his first pair of Stan Smith sneakers, he said: “My first pair of Stan’s’ It was a few years ago and it was a classic one.

“I have started fending after them, it gets addicting after a point. You just cannot have enough. You want every colour, you want it in gold, you want it in red, you want it in black, you want the Raf Simons version, you want the Pharrell version, you want everything.”

Apart from his skilled acting and entertaining audience with his infectious energy, Ranveer endorses many brands including Roadster and Adidas Originals.

The show will go on air on December 11 on Vh1.


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