Details, research must for good story telling: ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ director

Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, whose “Bareilly Ki Barfi” is set for release next month, says research and details are important to good story-telling.

“I feel as a story-teller your research and detailing has to be perfect.. especially if your film is a ‘slice of life’ film,” said Ashwiny during a media interaction here on Thursday on the occasion of birthday celebration of film’s lead actress Kriti Sanon, along with the entire cast and crew at Mehboob Studios.

“My films always have detailing as we do lot of research. When I was in advertising, I used to handle a lot of brands where we used to research in UP, MP, Bihar and Odisha. So it comes automatically to me,” she said.

Asked from where the story for “Bareilly Ki Barfi” came, she said: “The story came through me but then (co-writers) Nitesh and Shreyas developed it further. Like any other writer-director team, we also work together. But Nitesh is very good with dialogues.

“While working together, we try to enhance other’s talent rather than interfering in the work. When I am directing, I can change the screenplay, visuals but I always make sure I don’t touch the dialogues as they come from insight. Each and every line is written with a lot of thinking and so it’s important to do justice to them.”

On a shortage of women directors in the industry, Ashwiny said: “Earlier, it was considered an out of the box field. Parents thought being a director means being Bollywood. But now parents take film making as a job.”

“Earlier, there were not many women in this industry but now the country is changing, the thinking is changing, and many women are coming into the profession at assistant levels who could be the directors of tomorrow. So our duty is to encourage these women and inspire them.”

“Bareilly Ki Barfi”, which also stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao, will release on August 18.