Director who launched Dharmendra dead at 92

Veteran filmmaker Arjun Hingorani, who launched yesteryear superstar Dharmendra in Bollywood with “Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere” in 1960, is no more. He was 92.

Hingorani died on Saturday night in Vrindavan, said officials of the Chamber Of Film Journalists (CFJ).

“The CFJ expresses deep sorrow on the sad demise of well-known producer-director Arjun Hingorani. He was the true masala filmmaker and he knew the pulse of audience well. Apart from his films, and most of them having 3 Ks in the titles, his one of the biggest contribution to Hindi film industry was to give break to dynamic hero Dharmendra.

“His friendship with Dharmendra was evident from the fact that Dharmendra starred in most of his films. What’s more. Even when Dharmendra opened his studio Sunny Super Sounds, he was the first one to make the booking,” read a statement by CFJ President Indermohan Pannu and CFJ Vice President Atul Mohan.

A post from an unverified Twitter account of Dharmendra Deol, with the @aapkadharam handle, read: “Arjun Hingorani, the man who put his hand around the shoulder of this loner in Mumbai, has left us forever … I am extremely sad! May his soul rest in peace.”

Accompanying this was an old photograph of Dharmendra with Hingorani.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor too mourned his demise.

“Whenever the shot was ready, this man used to say ‘Rishi sahab ko bulaye’ and shout ‘Dharmen ko bulao’ for Dharmendra sahab – because he gave him a break in films. Dharamji out of sheer respect obeyed him. We all three did ‘Katilon Ke Kaatil’, a super hit film. Adios Arjunji!”

Hingorani also directed a Sindhi film “Abbana” and helmed movies like “Kab’ Kyon Aur Kahan'”, “Kahani Kismat Ki”, “Khel Khiladi Ka”, “Karishma Kudrat Ka”, “Kaun Kare Kurbani” and “Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai”.


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