Directors have more liberty in films than TV: Goldie Behl

Popular filmmaker Goldie Behl, who has directed both TV shows and films, says as compared to the small screen a director has more liberty to showcase his or her talent in films.

“TV has definitely improved (as a medium of entertainment), but a director has far more liberty in films than he has on TV,” Behl told IANS on the set of his upcoming historical show “Aarambh”.

“Making films is special. But yes, in terms of reach, TV has more audience base than films. TV almost reaches every home and touches people’s hearts directly,” added the director, who is the son of late filmmaker Ramesh Behl and is married to actress Sonali Bendre.

On TV, Behl feels content is dependent upon the broadcasters.

“If they really have to push it, then they should. Broadcasters shouldn’t be afraid to push edgy content. Ekta (Kapoor) pushed ‘Naagin’, and that show worked. She made it in her zone and it worked. Similarly, with ‘Aarambh’ we are making something that we believe in,” he said.

Behl, who has directed films like “Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai” and “Drona”, says he has been waiting for good content to return on the silver screen.

“I last directed TV show ‘Reporters’ (in 2015). After that I started working on this show. On the silver screen, it has been a long time now. I didn’t have a good story or a great star cast, so there was no point in directing. But I have produced a couple of movies,” Behl said.

In the past few years, Behl co-produced films like “London, Paris, New York” and “I, Me, Aur Main” along with his sister Shrishti Arya.

“As soon as I will get a story, I will think about directing a film.

“We don’t get good stories. Even if we get them, then the budget goes beyond reach due to which you need big star cast. So, there are a lot of factors. Once all the things are kept at right place, then a good film is made,” he added.

Behl said he decided to direct “Aarambh” because he could relate to the story of the show.

“I have directed films and TV shows earlier. I belong to a household which is predominantly women-oriented. I lost my father very early,” he said.

“After his death, now there are five women and me in the house. For me to make a show about matriarchal society is something only I would have insights on. That’s what was my personal connect with this show,” he added.

“Aarambh” — a finite series of 65 episodes — will soon be aired on Star Plus. It will narrate the clash of two civilisations — Dravidians and Aryans — born and built out of two different existential needs. The show will feature Tanuja Mukerji, Karthika Nair, Rajniesh Duggall, Joy Sen Gupta and Hannssa Singh.

(The writer’s trip was at the invitation of Star Plus. Sandeep Sharma can be contacted at

By Sandeep Sharma


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