DJ Khaled wants a cream to make his beard ‘glow’

Record producer DJ Khaled wants to find a cream to make his beard “glow”, and would happily represent the brand if he was to find a product he loved.

Speaking about the cosmetic product he needs to get his hands on, Khaled said: “I haven’t had a chance to find a certain cream or nothing like that. … You know, being in the beard life, I have friends of mine who tell me you can actually some type of thing that makes it glow, like how I got cocoa butter — I need advice to get the right one.”

And the artiste has hinted if he found a company who made a product he fell in love with, he would like to represent them, reports

“Because I had a beard for a long time, so I would love to maybe find the right one and if I really love it, aye you never know, I might want to endorse it as well. But it’s got to be something I love,” he says.


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