Dolly Parton, family nearly froze to death

Singer Dolly Parton and her family nearly froze to death when she was younger.

The 70-year-old shared that her brood nearly tragically perished one winter when it snowed, hard trapping them in their house in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, and the star believes it was a miracle that they survived, reports

“We lived way back in the mountains, and we had boarded up our windows to keep the snow and wind out, and had no idea it was going to snow like that. We got trapped in there. We thought we were going to die and our little tears were frozen on our little faces,” Parton said.

“We were frozen, no fire, no food, no nothing. And so it had to have been prayer that melted the snow around us and got us out of there. That’s kind of like our Christmas miracle. Momma had a lot of faith, Momma had those visions and dreams that she sensed something was going to happen, but because of her great faith, she prayed us through,” she added.

Parton was recently reminded of the incident as it will feature on her festive TV movie “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love”, a follow up from last year’s “Coat of Many Colors” small screen film , but the star says that some of the stories involving her parents were tough to watch.

“The first one was real emotional because it was the first time on camera my family had been exposed.

But this one has so many things in it that will really pull at your heart,” she said.


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