Donald Trump is a narcissist: Singer Clay Aiken

Singer Clay Aiken, who was earlier in the US Congress party, has tagged President Donald Trump a “narcissist”.

“I am not quite ready to call him a lunatic and I sure as hell am not calling him a genius. He’s a narcissist,” Aiken said at an event on July 29, reports

He recalled going to one of Trump’s rallies in Wilkes-Barres, Pennsylvania, last year in an arena that Aiken had once sold out when he performed with Kelly Clarkson.

“I knew in that moment that is why he was running, because I remember what that is like,” Aiken said.

“I remember the energy of the people from that crowd when they are playing that video of you before you come out. It is something you don’t want to give up. Donald Trump ran for that attention. He is continuing to do his rallies for that attention,” he added.


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