Dos, don’ts for girls only need to change: Meghna

Actress Meghna Malik says there are many dos and don’ts for girls only, and that should change.

Meghna is seen as Ammaji who is the voice of marginalised women in the show “Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani”.

Asked what kind of evils she would like to get rid of, Meghna told IANS: “There are many things that need to be changed. Slowly, the changes are happening around us. We are probably among the privileged ones who can voice what we want and don’t want but the dos and don’ts for girls only need to change,” Meghna told IANS.

“It starts from the family. They need to communicate to their boys. Boys need to learn to respect women in their society or workplace. We can easily say that the police or the government should do this. I agree that concrete strategies are required but certain things need to be done in your own family,” she added.

On the dos and don’ts, she said: “Girls are told to come on time and be careful but the dialogue between family members needs to happen to bring in the change in the society. Behind every daughter, I would say there is a great father.”

She describes her character – Ammaji as “a powerful woman, very intense and strong”. She inspires women to achieve their goals.

Can shows change people’s mindset’

“Television…meaning daily soaps, is not here to reform the society. That is not the objective. The objective is to basically entertain people. But through entertainment, if we can send across a message related to social problems because we live in a society where we face problems and if a show highlights those problems then you feel that the audience will relate to it more.

“And you might even touch their hearts. If you are able to bring in change even in a single person’s thought pattern, then there is some hope,” she said.