Dwayne Johnson surprises military family

Actor Dwayne Johnson, along with comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon, orchestrated an emotional reunion between “The Tonight Show” producer Karina Kabalan, an army veteran, and her husband who serves as a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force.

“I would love to give back to a military family that’s actually here in the audience,” Johnson told Fallon on the show’s Friday night episode, reports variety.com.

The two walked through the audience and to the studio’s control room where Kabalan was caught off guard. Johnson proceeded to list off facts about her life.

He said: “I heard that you met your husband when you were both deployed in Iraq. Your husband’s name is Todd. And he’s a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force.”

Kabalan nodded and started tearing up as she anticipated where the segment was going, until Johnson finally commanded: “Turn around and hug your husband.”

“Feeling overwhelmed, loved and appreciated by the Fallon family! I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the shock,” the producer later wrote on social media.


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