‘Ezra’ Malayalam cinema’s most honest horror film: Prithviraj

Actor Prithviraj says his upcoming “Ezra” will be the most honest attempt in the horror genre in Malayalam filmdom.

“I find ‘Ezra’ very exciting because it is Malayalam industry’s most honest attempt at a horror genre after a long time. Although filled with ample jump scares, the film will work well as a slow burn horror thriller, say, like ‘The Omen’,” Prithviraj told IANS.

Directed by debutant Jaykrishnan, the film also stars Priya Anand and Tovino Thomas.

“I have done horror films but traditionally they are made with the safety net of it being a horror comedy. ‘Ezra’ has been made with so such safety net and it deals with paranormal in the most realistic fashion,” he said.

Prithviraj had initially planned to produce the film.

“When I heard the story, I told Jay I will produce it. Due to other commitments, I couldn’t take it up. But I’m glad E4 Entertainment tool over the project,” he said.

The film is gearing up for release later this month.


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