Fans stupid to think The Jam will reunite: Paul Weller

Rocker Paul Weller thinks fans are “stupid” if they believe there’s a chance of band The Jam getting back together.

The 58-year-old found fame as frontman of the group and though they went their separate ways in 1982, a number of their loyal following have often clamoured for them to reunite, reports

However, Weller has always maintained that the day will never come.

“Recently there was some Jam tribute in Liverpool and I think Bruce’s (Foxton, former bandmate) band were playing and some fans got angry because I didn’t turn up and we didn’t re-form and it’s like, ‘Man, are you stupid’ You must know by now that I ain’t gonna do that, right’ But some people’s expectations are very different from mine,” Weller told Q magazine.

In his solo gigs, Weller happily performs some songs by The Jam and his other old band Style Council, but says he no longer feels that he is able to do justice to one of his first group’s most famous hits, “Going underground”.

“I wouldn’t be able to do that one justice. And if I don’t feel the words to something any more, that’s just cabaret, which I don’t do. A percentage of people will always get upset by that,” he said.


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