Faris sides with Lawrence over Pratt prank war

Actress Anna Faris is taking actress Jennifer Lawrence’s side in her ongoing prank war with the formers husband and actor Chris Pratt.

Faris might be married to Pratt, but that doesn’t mean she agrees with him on everything as she recently admitted she was standing with Lawrence in the pair’s ongoing fun and games.

Pratt started the fake feud when he began cropping his “Passengers” co-star out of his Instagram images, and Lawrence got revenge when she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and vandalised a bus adorned with their movie poster by spray painting over Pratt’ face.

“I fully support Jennifer Lawrence. I am all for it. I adore her,” Faris told etonline.com.

To that, Pratt responded: “I can’t believe you’re Team Jen. That s***s. I need some support, I thought you’d back me up.”


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