Ford finds it interesting to revisit characters

Veteran actor Harrison Ford, who is reprising his role in the sequel to the 1982 film “Blade Runner”, finds revisiting a character, interesting.

Ford had essayed the lead role in Ridley Scott directorial “Blade Runner”, and is now reprising his role in the sequel titled “Blade Runner 2049”, directed by Denis Villeneuve.

“The character Rick Deckard is woven into the story in a way that intrigued me. There’s a very strong emotional context. The relationship between the character Deckard, that I play, and other characters is fascinating.

“I think it’s interesting to develop a character after a period of time – to revisit a character,” Ford said in a video chat on Facebook, reports

“Blade Runner 2049” is set 30 years after the original film and is based on an LAPD officer named K, played by Ryan Gosling, in search of Deckard who has been missing since the events of the first movie.

“Blade Runner 2049” is set for an October release.


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