Foreign filmmaker’s ‘Roller Coaster’ through Kolkata

Packed with synergistic sound and camera movement, mirroring the thrilling accelerations, ups and downs of a roller coaster ride, Cuban-born, Netherlands-based filmmaker Yuribert Capetillo Hardy has come out with a video “Roller Coaster” (India), reflecting an emotional ride through the sights and sounds of Kolkata.

The video is nearly three minutes long.

“In my head, the same word, roller coaster still came back, as a mantra. I was inspired through this word, because my emotions in the city were like a roller coaster.

“When editing, I made sound effects and put it in the movie to tell the story of Kolkata, and these made it look like a roller coaster. It’s especially a sound and movement in combination,” Hardy told IANS in an email.

Shot over just a week in March, for a Dutch non-profit organisation, the video takes one through visuals synonymous with the city — yellow taxis, hand-rickshaw pullers, Eden Gardens, Victoria Memorial Hall — interspersed with endearing visuals of children.

“With my information video, I tried to show the people the condition in which they live, but also the successful projects ‘1000 children’ are working on.

“Most of the times, I was just visiting the projects (of the non-profit) and when I saw something which I found interesting, I asked the driver to stop and asked for permission and filmed it. For the techniques, this is a style I developed during the years (more than ten years) I worked as a filmmaker,” Hardy explained.

About the video, Hardy writes: “I’m a Cuban filmmaker born in Havana, living in Holland. During my childhood in the streets of Havana, I’ve seen many things. But compared to a week in India, I realised that my life in the streets in Havana weren’t that bad after all.”


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