Gauri Khan, Rajesh Pratap Singh turn ‘alchemists’

Five well-known names, including star entrepreneur Gauri Khan and designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, played host to a multi-sensorial experience, unveiling their artistic expressions crafted for each of the senses here on Friday night.

Apart from them, design expert Ambrish Arora, tech ‘guru’ Rajiv Makhani and celebrated restaurateur Zorawar Kalra were on board for Chivas 18 Alchemy, dubbed as “an evening crafted for the senses”.

Arora was the ‘alchemist’ for the sense of smell, Gauri for the sense of sight, Singh for the sense of touch, Makhani curated an experience for the sense of sound and Kalra presented the sense of taste.

Together, they brought forth modern and luxurious expressions of creativity that arouse the senses.

Singh said in a statement: “For me, the sense of touch is more than a play of smooth and rough. It is about bringing back memories. It’s about weaving together a melange of emotions, elements, and rootedness.”

For Gauri, it was all about putting forth a mix of luxury and craftsmanship.

The experience of using 1,800 bottles, she said, was “quite thrilling”.


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