George Michael’s fans slammed Kenny Goss

Late singer George Michael’s fans have reacted angrily on social media post his former lover Kenny Goss’ interviews where he shared some of the controversial acts by the “Faith” singer.

Art dealer Goss has given a series of interviews about the star to The Sun newspaper in which he discussed the “Careless Whisper” hitmaker’s drug taking, his funeral and his infamous arrest for lewd conduct in a Beverly Hills public toilet along with many more.

Michael’s devoted supporters are unimpressed by his disclosures, reports

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Kenny (Goss) I understand that you wanted to do it for charity but some things should stay private. And George’s private business should stay that.

“We will help you with the charity as much as possible. But please keep our gorgeous George’s private business private. Thanks.”

Another fan slammed: “Shut up Kenny Goss. Loyalty not something your familiar with. Sad that George died alone.”

One furious fan wrote: “Kenny Goss disgusting, you have betrayed George in the worst possible way. You couldn’t leave people with all positive memories'”


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