Goldie Hawn won’t make movie with Kate Hudson

Veteran actress Goldie Hawn says she would not make a movie with her daughter and actress Kate Hudson because the expectations would be too high.

The 71-year-old says she would love to work with Hudson but believes that it would come with “too much baggage”, reports

“We would love it, but it’s really interesting – unless it’s something great, honey, you don’t do it. And I’ll tell you another thing: mother and daughter, or son or whatever – sometimes it doesn’t work. You have to look at the reality, because we’re very well known apart. There’s a lot of expectation coming into it. You want to talk about baggage,” Hawn said.

Hawn has returned to the big screen with “Snatched”, featuring alongside actress Amy Schumer, after taking a 15 year hiatus.


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